Our Story

redShift work with structured sound, which is designed to invite and explore reflective meditation, human reaction, intentional creation and is influenced and inspired by the current development of our species. An invitation to engage in authentic listening and inspired evolution and to create positive social change to uplift the consciousness of humanity. Our overwhelming need to address things visually can be balanced with the wholeness of sound – we just need to listen without distraction. Sound is everything – NadaBrahma – everything is sound. We learn to listen to our minds, our bodies, and the universe. Sound – The Origin Is Now.

Dannie Hofmann  - tenor, soprano and baritone saxophone; flute; percussion 
Stu Goodis - guitars and effects
Martin Torres - bass
Tyler Walton - drums

Dannie Hofmann - sax & flute

Most of Dannie’s current efforts are invested in the instrumental group redShift - a collaboration with Stu Goodis (gtr), Martin Torres (b) and Tyler Walton (dr). This Creative Music Ensemble’s compositions expand upon the traditions and explorations of jazz, rock, fusion, blues, classical, experimental, hip-hop, reggae & more. redShift works with structured sound, which is designed to invite and explore reflective meditation, human reaction, intentional creation and is influenced and inspired by the current manifestation of our species. An invitation to engage in authentic listening and inspired evolution and to create positive social change and uplift the consciousness of humanity. We are the Perceiving.

Nada Brahma - the world is sound - originisnow.   

German-born, Dannie Hofmann earned his BA in music from Brown University and New England Conservatory. Upon graduation he joined the Israeli acoustic jazz band 'From the Other Side' which released a CD of the same name on Black Saint/Soul Note records out of Italy. Dannie racked up years of live and studio performance, recording many tracks of jazz, blues, R&B, Rock, Rap with numerous production companies. In 1997 he helped found Zoot, a swing band that released a self-titled CD. In 2004 he began touring with the now deceased blues legend Little Milton. 2008 marked the beginning of numerous European tours with the King of Rock and Soul, Solomon Burke, ending with his passing in 2010. At the same time, Dannie was the saxman for punk-funk band Iodine69 and for latin afro-funk band G-Tonic (both defunct) and played with many DJ’s. He also plays with ArToFjAzZ, a creative music collective founded 1997 by drummer Anthony Riedelsheimer. Currently, Dannie is a member of OC’s own soulful R&B band Private Property; funk-rock-latin outfit The Suedeheads; the classic Freestyle Rock band and plays with LA bluesman Bobby Warren. 


Martin Torres - bass

A native of Central California, Martin holds a Bachelors degree in composition and bass performance from Chapman University and completed his formal education with an MFA degree from the University of California, focusing on modern composition and improvisational techniques with renown jazz artists James Newton and Kei Akagi.  Martin has performed with Ernie Watts and Billy Taylor and has recorded for television programs such as ‘The Guiding Light’ and ‘Malcolm In The Middle’. His music can be heard on the HBO TV series "Girls”.   

With his debut CD ‘Poem’, Martin set off on his own to create a record of his own compositions.  His arranging displays a unique ability to balance several musical concepts within the framework of a single composition.  His musicianship is best exemplified in his artful integration of different musical forms. He combines the technical precision of classical music with the improvisational expressive qualities of jazz, coupled with Latin music and elements of modern concert music to create his own indelible style. The result is an exciting and moving musical experience.   

Martin joined redShift in the spring of 2016, using his skills to help create the sound of the band and moving right into performance and recording.


Stu Goodis - guitar

Stu Goodis began playing the guitar at 13 years of age. After graduating Neupauer Conservatory of Music in Philadelphia he studied with legendary guitarists Pat Martino and Steve Giordano. Eventually Stu relocated to Southern California where he began composing and producing music for television. In 1995, 1996 and 1997 he received an Emmy Award for musical composition on the daytime television program Guiding Light. Stu formed the jazz trio "On The Mile" and in 2000 released their CD “Different Lines”. In 2007 Stu released his CD, "Solo Guitar". From 2010 to 2015 Stu released 4 CD’s with his former guitar instructor and friend Tom Glenn. In addition to performing and recording Stu keeps a busy teaching schedule in Anaheim Hills, California.


Tyler Walton - drums

It's all there!

It's all there!

Tyler Walton is a Southern California-based professional drummer with over 20 years of performing and recording experience. His live performances have been with some of California’s top jazz musicians, including Grammy award-winning pianist/arranger, Bill Cunliffe, and renowned trombonist/composer, Joey Sellers. He holds a bachelor's degree in Orchestral Percussion Performance and a master's degree in Jazz Studies, both from California State University - Fullerton. Tyler teaches music at Irvine Valley College, Norco College, and Orange County School of the Arts.

Ray Glider - drums

Oliver Althoen

We're very sad to see Oliver leave but he's got some other plans and we will miss him. In his place, Stu Goodis will be joining us on guitar. 

Oliver is an OC, CA native creative. He is involved in the music business on all levels, including composing, performing, arranging, recording, and teaching.  

Oliver has been a musician from his earliest years. At the age of 10 he heard Led Zeppelin for the first time, and he knew he had to get serious about guitar. By the time he was in high school he was writing songs and performing, both as a solo act and with various groups. He received his Masters Degree in Classical Guitar Performance from Cal State Fullerton.  

For Oliver, the lines between genres like Rock, Blues, Country, Jazz, and Classical music do not exist. He plays all these styles and more, sometimes with the same group, and even in the same song!