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redShift Musicworks - Creative Music Ensemble expanding on the traditions and explorations of jazz, rock, fusion, blues, classical, experimental, hip-hop, reggae & more

Nada Brahma - the world is sound - originisnow. 

We work with structured sound designed to invite and explore reflective meditation, human reaction, intentional creation and is influenced and inspired by the current manifestation of our species. An invitation to engage in authentic listening and inspired evolution and to create positive social change to uplift the consciousness of humanity. Our overwhelming need to address things visually can be balanced with the wholeness of sound – we just need to listen without distraction. Sound is everything – Nada Brahma – everything is sound. We learn to listen to our minds, our bodies, and the universe. Sound – The Origin Is Now.

Music has the power to transform our emotions, attitudes, spiritual moods, relationships, perspectives, passions, knowledge. We should support this part of music and elevate it above the goals of entertainment. Social, philosophical, psychological and spiritual changes are the groundwork for our development and growth and cannot be measured in dollars. Changing our consciousness and awakening from past nightmares and traumas to embrace true love is the way to divert our collision course with our limits.   

Influenced by Weather Report; Kamasi Washington; King Crimson; David Murray; Medesky, Martin and Wood; Sonny Fortune; Pink Floyd; Art Ensemble of Chicago; Snarky Puppy;  Jimi Hendrix;  Bob Marley; Radiohead; World Saxophone Quartet; Carla Bley; Allman Brothers,

Oliver's moving on ... 

It's been a fun and crazy ride with Oliver during the last two years but now it's time for him to follow some other path.  We will miss you, Oliver.  It's been a blast!  To keep us going we will have Stu Goodis join us on guitar - an outstanding player who is already showing his commitment.  Cheers!!!!!!

Boathouse was a blast! 

What a beautiful night of music, reflection and celebration of our great mother - the ocean.  Thank you to all who made it out and packed the Boathouse Collective in Costa Mesa - truly the coolest spot for live music.  Add great food and drinks and you can't go wrong.  

Oceanz - Friday 1/13 

OCEAN     -     Source of Life 

            Overwhelming Abundance 

            Once Tranquil

            Once Terrifying 

            Balanced Chaos 

            In Equilibrium

Recording Ruminations 

What a fantastic evening last night at the Blue Beet Cafe.  Oliver and Paula sang beautifully on a bunch of their originals in the first set and redShift had to rise to the occasion.  Our opening set followed the order of our upcoming CD and prompted someone to start a glass with tips which was full by the end of the night.  The concert related to our reflections on the studio process - listening, playing, recording, listening, mixing, listening, mixing more, listening - listening some more.  

Word, Voice, Sound 
engraved & enshrined 
Forever Now - LIVE 
eternalized & idolized 
to keep or discard 
Treasure or Burn 
Put It Out There & Listen


this one's about change- 
the only constant 
truth of existence 
measured in time 
given to rhythm 
harmonic alignment 
gathered in synchronicity 

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Previous events

redShift Musicworks

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The Blue Beet Cafe, 107 21st Place, Newport Beach, CA 92663

Happy Holidays from redShift - we will be saying goodbye to 2017 this Wednesday, Dec. 27 - the last Wednesday of the month and of the year. Join us for some post holiday fun. This week Stu and Dannie will be performing redShift in duo format and will be joined by special guest 'Paula Gabriel' for a few standards. For 2018 we will continue our Last Wednesday of the Month shows at The Blue Beet Cafe.

redShift Musicworks

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Blue Beet Cafe, 107 21st Place, Newport Beach, CA 92663

Back to Last Wednesdays at the Blue Beet Cafe in Newport Beach, right by the pier - Summer's on with Abundance - plenty for you, plenty for me time? things? people Whole lotta Love #feelslikesummer, #redshiftmusicworks